Slade - We Looked Solid

access_time 9 years ago

RUSSELL SLADE was happy with his side’s defensive work despite the result of their 1-0 defeat at Ebbsfleet United on Saturday.

The O’s lost out to a Nathan Elder goal midway through the second period after changing the whole eleven who started the game.

The manager was unconcerned by the result and is happy with the progress shown by the O’s so far in pre-season.

“We were really, really solid in the first half and should have probably been a couple of goals in front in all fairness,” he said.

“I think if we’d shown a tad more quality in the final third we’d have been comfortable at half time. We reduced them to just half a chance in that first period so I was very very pleased with that.

“Looking at the understanding, because it’s a new team with new players. I saw that today, particularly in the first period.

“Both Nathan Clarke and Scott Cuthbert did great. Scotty’s been out for such a long time injured and Nathan’s only been with us for three days, but they were terrific, the pair of them together.

“And don’t forget Matty Baudry in midfield. I thought he was really solid as well for us.”