NEWS: Walsall Car Sharing

access_time 9 years ago

Walsall v Leyton Orient, Tuesday October2

Orient season ticket holder going by car to Walsall with one passenger. Two more places going spare. Leaving from Walthamstow about 16.00 and happy to make a detour to pick up from a close Tube or National Rail station, or anywhere in E17, E10, E11, E15, E5, N18, N15 or N17. Then heading for Midlands via North Circular anti-clockwise and a pick-up in NW London.

Around £30 diesel for the return trip, so £10 each if a third passenger, or £7.50 each if four of us. Arrive back in NE London around 00.30 (will probably stop for a coffee on the way). Bring USB stick or CDs for music if you wish – will give anything a listen apart from The Jam! No drinking alcohol on the journey please.

Ring or text Lloyd if interested on 07906 255052, or leave message on (020) 8926 9928.

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