NEWS: Cox & Smith At FIFA Launch

access_time 9 years ago

ORIENT stars Dean Cox and Jimmy Smith helped launch the FIFA 13 game at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on Thursday evening.

The O’s players tried their hand at the game, which launched nationwide today, with Cox taking the honours in the first battle between the two.

Orient are stocking an O’s-themed edition of FIFA 13 in the club Superstore and Cox was delighted to get a first look at the game.

“It’s great. I won 4-1 against Jimmy so I’m delighted,” he said.

“It’s another step forward for the FIFA series. The graphics are getting better and better and the gameplay too.

“The detail, even down to giving the players the same boots they wear on a matchday and Rooney’s got hair! Things change and the game changes with it.”

Midfielder Smith, meanwhile, is already plotting his revenge for that 4-1 scoreline.

“It wasn’t a good debut for me, but I’ve got plenty of time to practice and get my revenge I hope,” he said.

“We do play a lot of games. After training the lads have quite a bit of spare time, so playing computer games, golf or relaxing is something they do.

“Gaming is one of the main things and with FIFA 13 out now I’m sure a lot of them will be playing it.

“It’s out in the club shop now so all the fans, and even we can nip into the shop and get it, so the link up is great.”

O’s fans can pick up their own Orient-branded copy of FIFA 13 for both Xbox and PS3 from the club Superstore for just £40.

We’ll also be giving away copies of the O’s sleeve free of charge so supporters who have already purchased the game can customise their copy.