NEWS: O's Somme Scarves For Sale

access_time 9 years ago

O’S SUPPORTERS will have the chance to purchase specially commissioned O’s Somme scarves before Saturday’s game with Shrewsbury Town.


Sellers will be in and around Brisbane Road looking to raise funds with the sale of these scarves to assist with the upkeep of the Clapton Orient memorial In Flers and also future projects relating to the O’s major contribution during the Great War.


The scarf is emblazoned with SOMME 1916 which is complemented either side with the words CLAPTON ORIENT (the club’s name at the time of the Great War) and FLERS (the village where the O’s memorial is sited). The Leyton Orient crest is also incorporated on the scarf. On the reverse is shown LEYTON ORIENT FOOTBALL CLUB with the O’s crest once again being shown.


The scarf sells for £8.99 – to be worn with pride!