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Club Deliver RESPECT Programme
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Leyton Orient

Club Deliver RESPECT Programme

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Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme, in partnership with The Football League Trust and npower, recently delivered the RESPECT lesson programme. 
Utilising recorded regular truancy information and starting with students as young as 10, this programme uses young people’s love of football to encourage good behaviour and thoughtfulness. 
Working together with all 72 clubs, npower and The Football League Trust were keen to help over 86,000 children in Year 6 learn about the importance of respectful behaviour in sport and their daily lives.
The coaches were appropriately trained and delivered a session of approximately an hour in duration which helped local children learn about respect and related important skills such as teamwork and citizenship, understanding how these apply to football and other areas of life.
The aims of the RESPECT programme were for children to:
• Identify unacceptable behaviour and its effect on others
• Develop an understanding of respect and how this can be implemented in daily life
• See situations from other people’s perspective
The learning outcomes of the RESPECT programme are:
• Can understand the consequences of their conduct on others and know that certain types of behaviour are wrong
• Appreciate that their behaviour can affect not just themselves but others at school, at home and in the community
• Understanding that certain behaviour can harm and hurt others
The RESPECT programme’s aims and learning outcomes also follow the National Curriculum focussing on PSHE and Citizenship.
Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme carried out Respect workshops in five boroughs of East London as part of a project alongside npower and the Football League Trust.  Waltham Forest, Hackney, Redbridge, Newham and Epping primary schools were all e-mailed with the opportunity to sign up for the workshops.  It was decided on a first come-first served basis and a waiting list was produced due to the volume of schools interested in the project.  
Once the sessions were organised, two trained coaches were able to go to the schools, delivering to both Year 5 and 6 students.  Some schools had a two or three class entry and so the coach was able to spend a morning, an afternoon or a day at the school to cover all the classes.
Each coach was able to use a range of methods to teach the workshops from group discussions (including a DVD presentation), freeze frame activities, mnemonics and others.  The children were able to interact throughout the lesson and the teachers would also join in, especially when they could relate to activity in the classroom or school.
In total, 17 schools were visited and 1240 children were fortunate enough to have the session delivered to them which included a homework sheet that asked the children to identify five separate incidents where they had seen or been involved with a ‘Respect’ issue. Once completed, the sheet was returned to LOCSP for a winner to be chosen. 
Rather than only one winner, it was decided that each school would have a ‘homework’ winner and thus, a ‘congratulations’ letter and voucher for four tickets to the Leyton Orient league One game against AFC Bournemouth on March 2nd was sent to all participating school contacts for distribution. The winning entries were chosen by a panel and Community Liaison Officer Howard Gould personally went to some school assemblies to present the children with their voucher and reiterate the importance of the Respect message.
New relationships with local schools have been developed through the project and as a result, all schools will be invited to apply to become members of LOPASS, the Leyton Orient Partnership of Associated Schools Scheme.