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BAUDRY: 'I love the life in England'
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Leyton Orient

BAUDRY: 'I love the life in England'

access_time 8 years ago
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“It’s difficult for a French player coming to England, it’s been really, really hard, especially when you don’t speak the language and stuff. I really enjoy football and when I came to England the only time I enjoyed myself was on the pitch because you don’t need to speak and stuff so I find my way by the football it was really on the pitch where I made some links with people and adapted to this country.
 “But now I really enjoy here I’ve got an English girlfriend, I enjoy the life in England, I enjoy the people in England, I enjoy the football in England so now it really feels like home here, and I hope to kick on with my career.
“I’ve always wanted to come to England. When I was younger I was obsessed with English football, I was watching it all the time because it’s on TV in France, and I was annoying my teammates in France by all the time like tacking, and telling them “that’s a premier league tackle” and when I was scoring, I used to like sliding on my knees and saying “that’s what they do in England”. 
“It was funny and my nickname was “Premier League” in France because I was always talking about it. 
“When you were in France at the time when I grew up, the Arsenal team was full of French people, so they were mainly on TV all the time, I always loved Laurent Blanc too and liked it when he went to the Premier League. I liked the English players too like Steven Gerrard and I liked John Terry when he was at his best.
“Having Romain (Vincelot) around has been good and I’m a bit jealous now because I used to be the only one called ‘Frenchie’! But Romain is really a top lad so I like him, but to be fair when we’re around other people or the lads in the changing room we try to speak in English, even together, because we don’t want to be rude with the other players and stuff like this, but sometimes when we are just together, yeah we speak in French, and talk about stuff we missed, like food and that, but yeah it’s nice and I hope he will stay here next season.
“I text him all the time saying “come on, just stay here and sign” because I think he’s a good player he would be like a great asset for us so and he’s a good lad so it’s important as well we have a nice squad with decent people and he’s one of them so I hope he stays.”


“It was a nice feeling like to be recognised by the fans at the Star Man Awards and so it’s been a strange season but at the end it’s always nice to be recognised.
“From a personal view I’m quite proud, but not proud because it’s been amazing, proud because I was on the bench but I kept working and I didn’t give up and at the end I get the reward and I started playing and it went alright for me so from this point of view I can be proud of it, but after I still think I can do better than that so I will look to come back really fit for the pre-season and improving next season.
“You get hungry when you’re out of the side like I was, but to be fair to the lads that were playing they were playing well at the position where I’m supposed to play so I had to accept it even if sometimes it’s a bit hard and you’re a bit down and stuff.
“My teammates helped me a lot, I think they were confident in me because they saw me probably in training and stuff, so that’s nice to see you’ve got your partner’s confidence so when you come in the team it gets easier and even the gaffer over the season even when I wasn’t playing he told me “I believe in you, I’m sure when you come back in the team you will stay there and you’ve got a future in the club” and stuff and at the time I was bit annoyed but now I see his point, there were players that were doing well and that’s just fair they kept playing but at the time it was really difficult. 
“When I came into the side I had already played in League 1 at centre back when I was at Bournemouth and before my injury and it went well so I didn’t really have big doubts about what I could do but I was just really hungry and glad it went well in the end. 
“In terms of highlights from last year, I wasn’t playing myself but I think Shrewsbury here (at the Matchroom Stadium) was a big highlight because we were in a difficult position and it was the start of a long run and I think the guys on the pitch were really magnificent and dealt with pressure really well and after of course it sparked that great run. 
“Lowlights would be, probably Southend and the week after. Southend was a bad, bad game, I was a bit disappointed with myself and then Crawley game after it was tough, you could see that everybody was down.
“It’s been a good first year though and I’m happy here. I think it’s important to feel right in your club, I like to share and talk with fans and laugh because that is what it’s all about. It’s nice to play football but you have to enjoy it.”
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