O's Second In Value Table

access_time 8 years ago
In a recent survey that excludes early booking and renewal discounts plus hospitality packages, the O’s cheapest adult season ticket comes in at £200 for the 2013-14 season, which is second only to Bradford who offer one for £1 less at £199. 
The O’s price is £75 cheaper than the next best in League 1 which is Gillingham at £275 and works out at just £8.70 per game and is also £16 cheaper than the cheapest available in League 2 which is at Accrington for £216. 
Equally when teams are ranked by the highest season ticket price on offer, the O’s provide value once more as only Bradford and Crewe’s prices are cheaper in League 1 with the highest season ticket price on offer at the Matchroom coming in at £325 which still works out at just £14.13 per game. 
To put it in perspective, for other clubs in the same division that figure can be as much as £475. 
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