Flare Throwers Face Ban

access_time 8 years ago
The Club has been reported to the FA as a result of the offence, which endangered the safety of spectators in the away end and players from both sides and we will work with the authorities to attempt to identify the perpetrators.
“We do not want to see this kind of behaviour creeping in to our otherwise superb away support,” said Chief Executive Matt Porter. “The actions of the person who threw the flare put in danger the safety of those around him and also the players, one of whom risked his own safety to pick the flare up whilst it was still alight and throw it away from the area.
“The person who threw it should know better – we still have a partially wooden stand at Brisbane Road ourselves and there was an unpleasant incident a couple of years ago when an away fan threw a flare which set the segregation netting alight. Nobody should underestimate the danger these flares can cause, they are a long way from a bit of fun.
“If this becomes a regular occurrence the Club could face a fine or other sanctions from the authorities which is the last thing we need at a time when everything else is going so well and we would have no hesitation in issuing a lengthy ban to anyone found to be throwing a flare either at Brisbane Road or an away ground.”