MATT PORTER: "It's A Big Blow To Us"

access_time 8 years ago
“We’re extremely disappointed to have to have postponed this game, but this is a serious health and safety issue which we are unable to resolve in time.
“The recent high winds have caused damage to a floodlight pylon with a bulb and socket being blown down to the ground and we have been told by our Safety Group who control the stadium’s safety certificate that they need a structural survey before we can re-open the stadium.
“The pylons hang over the stadium entrance and exit routes and are close to the pitch and the bulbs are two feet wide so the prospect of another one falling when there are people in the ground does not bear thinking about, and they also need testing before they can be switched on.
“We spent all day yesterday trying to get the required high access equipment hired in and source a qualified contractor to come in and make the repairs, but the time of year and adverse weather prevented us from being able to do so.
“It’s a big blow to us as we were expecting a large crowd in both the stands and hospitality areas which we are unlikely to replicate on a Tuesday night but the safety of everyone inside the stadium is our number one priority.”