London Mascot Derby At The Kia Oval

access_time 8 years ago

Seventeen mascots from all over London – including Theo the Wyvern, descended on the game, racing, fighting and dancing their way to glory in front of a baying crowd of 15,000+.

London’s football tribes came together with Chelsea teaming with QPR and Fulham as part of the South London team and West Ham and Leyton Orient putting aside historic rivalries to team up in the North team.

Even rugby fans had to put their normal emotions to one side as Wolfgang the Saracens Wolf raced for the north alongside The Sting from Wasps.

Although the race started with some order, it quickly degenerated into a WWE style brawl, with Wolfgang executing an excellent star jump onto a prone Billy the Badger; Surrey CCC’s Caesar the Lion posing over the stricken body of the Octopus Investments Cricktopus and Haydon the AFC Wimbledon Womble stealing a security guard’s chair and flinging t-shirts into the crowd!

The unofficial award for best dancing was given to West Ham’s Hammerhead – whose colleague Bubbles the Bear was awarded ‘Best Epic Fail’ for his aborted attempt to cross the finish line (see video).

Chirpy the Tottenham Cockerel was a popular entrant, alongside Pete and the Alice the Eagle (married) from Crystal Palace who made an energetic debut – keeping it in the family alongside Stamford the Lion and the Bridget the Lioness, who hot footed it from half-term duties at Stamford Bridge.

LycaMobile’s Globe Man gave his ethereal best whilst there were also plenty of cheers for Jude the QPR cat and Theo the Wyvern from Leyton Orient.

For what it’s worth, the sponsor’s – Mail Online – gave the victory to the South London team, with Caesar the Lion successfully breaching the ‘MailOn-Finishing-Line’ to take the glory for the home side.

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