Support Our Charities

access_time 7 years ago
Season ticket applicants will now be given the opportunity to donate to the Leyton Orient Trust or the Football League’s Official charity Partner, Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK).
The Leyton Orient Trust are celebrating their 25th anniversary of serving and bettering the local community. Their main goal is developing programs to help disadvantaged youth through sport and other educational programmes.
Leyton Orient Advanced Soccer School is just one of the programmes to be born through this Trust, which has given local youth the opportunity to compete in organised football. The learning programmes, which have now spread to over 50 schools around the area, aim to cultivate healthy lifestyles and give children a constructive space to mature and learn. 
Going forward, LOT hope to continue their success into next season and establish long term connections with their partnerships. The Trust understands the need for real engagement with the local community and a focus towards life-changing impact. Catering around the Trust’s values and virtues, there is an understanding that the greatest impact is through education and establishing lifelong values. A recent partnering with Waltham Forest College will deliver college programmes to local youths. The Trust, who have touched the lives of thousands and invested over £30 million to local communities, is committed to continual evolution and growth. They will also be specifically fundraising for an educational programme that will be taken around schools teaching children about WW1 and the clubs involvement in it which any donations from season ticket holders will go towards. 
PCUK, which recently partnered with the Football League, is a charity that is focused on improving and educating men on the risks of prostate cancer and the importance of staying healthy. PCUK’s main goal is to support, educate and raise awareness in order to ensure men and their families are knowledgeable on the subject of prostate cancer and recognize the significant risks. With your donations, PCUK will be able to not only fund further research, but increase awareness around the local community and hopefully save countless lives. 
On the season ticket application, fans will have the option to donate any given sum to either the Leyton Orient Trust or the PCUK. Whether the applicant would like to pay by card, cheque, or as Gift Aid donation, any form of contribution is welcome. 
Both the Leyton Orient Trust and the PCUK will continue to improve the lives of many people in our community, which cannot be done without the support of others.