Stadium Work Update

access_time 7 years ago
As part of the summer work, the ebmpapst East Stand is having replacement seats and phase one is well underway with the majority of the seats now removed and the section of plastic seats to the north end of the stand along with the seats in the Wyvern Suite now being taken out. 
This week has also seen the barriers being removed from the edge of the Wyvern Suite and some further photos can be found on the Facebook page here.
Meanwhile the groundstaff have been busy nurturing the new pitch which already has a good covering of grass showing. 
Head groundsman Colin James commented, “The seed only went down two weeks ago and it’s coming along very nicely. We’ve had germination sheets on there for the last seven days which has helped speed up the germination process by about a week as they keep the moisture and heat in plus the warm weather has helped too.”
The germination sheets have today (Friday) been taken off and it will be left open over the weekend before getting its first cut on Monday with a Honda rotary mower. Further cuts will be done throughout the week as well as giving it a second fertiliser feed, while the sprinklers will continue on their automatic cycle, coming on three times a day.
Following on from the first cuts, the usual larger Dennis mower will be brought out to iron it over without cutting which will help identify any areas that need over-seeding while the cylinder mowers will come out seven to ten days after.
Colin continued, “I’m pleased with how it’s come through so far and before you know it we’ll be putting the goalposts back up and marking the pitch out.”