Official Club Message Board To Close

access_time 7 years ago
Following a review over the past few months, the Club has taken the decision to close the official message board at the end of June 2014.
Over recent years the Club has received an ever-increasing number of complaints about the offensive nature of some of the posting on the board. These complaints have come from a growing number of supporters, as well as commercial partners, and the decision was made as it threatens to damage the reputation of the football club. 
As a football club we are committed to providing our supporters with the means to discuss the plight of the Club in an open and honest manner, but what we are not willing to do is provide a platform for supporters to post offensive, abusive and completely inappropriate content. 
The nature of the message board means it now requires round the clock moderation to prevent this sort of behaviour which we are not willing to provide.
The usage of the official message board has been in decline for several years now, whilst at the same time our social media channels such as a twitter and facebook continue to grow and thrive. As a club we believe that are efforts are best served focussing on developing those channels to continue to ensure they provide a first class experience as a discussion medium for our supporters.   
The decision was taken after supporter organisation consultation and they were given the opportunity to take over the current message board but none were able to do so.