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What is the Loyalty Points Scheme?

The Loyalty Points scheme is a means of tracking supporters’ dedication to following Leyton Orient to matches both home and away with points awarded to fans purchasing tickets for matches in advance of games from the ticket office at Leyton Orient or online at

How do I join?

All Leyton Orient supporters who are registered as fans on the database have automatically joined the loyalty scheme. If you have been given a client reference number in the past this means your details have previously been captured.

How will this benefit supporters?

When tickets go on sale for popular games where demand is likely to exceed supply supporters with the most loyalty points will be able to purchase tickets first. Therefore attending more matches home and away means greater chance to attend the games with a limited allocation.

What are points awarded for?

Every match purchased has a points value whether it is home or away, cup match or league. Points will be available for all competitive first team fixtures at home, while every effort will be made to obtain tickets in advance of away fixtures, however this may not always be possible.

How do I get awarded points?

Points will automatically be awarded when you make an advance ticket purchase and quote your client reference number. This could be a purchase at the ticket office, over the telephone or via the web. Points will not be awarded for tickets purchased at the turnstiles at Brisbane Road or any other venue. Remember points can only be awarded once, if you are making purchases for other people please ensure you quote their client reference numbers in order for them to be awarded their points.

To better understand the process of points being awarded there are some examples below.

How will I know how many points I have?

Your cumulative points total is displayed in the ticket purchase area of after you have logged in, alongside your other details on the right hand side. By clicking on your loyalty points total you can view a full statement of the points you have been credited. Supporters will also be notified, subject to mailing preferences, at the beginning of the month with their points total and upcoming games that are on sale with their respective points total.

As a Season Ticket Holder do I automatically get all loyalty points for all home matches?

As a Season Ticket Holder you will automatically receive 150 Loyalty Points. You will only receive points for home cup matches if you bought a ticket for the match under your client reference number and the match has been played. Season Ticket holders will gain loyalty points for away games when purchased in advance from the LOFC ticket office or online as per usual.

When do the Loyalty Points get credited?

Loyalty Points will only be credited after the match is played.

How will I know how many points are required to attend a match?

The Ticket Office will decide in advance how many points are required to apply, not all matches will be subject to a minimum point level it will depend on the anticipated demand. Supporters need to be aware that there may still be times when although a fan will have the correct number of points their attempt to obtain a ticket will be unsuccessful, however their chances of success will be substantially increased. Minimum points required will be advertised with any fixture sale date information that will continue to be found on the website or from the Ticket Office.

What if I want to attend a match with a group of friends for a match with a very limited allocation?

The Loyalty Points Scheme does not want to prevent fans attending matches together and remember not all fixtures that go on sale will require a minimum points total, however, supporters should note that if a friend or family member does not fulfil the points criteria they will have to wait in order to purchase their ticket. This could mean your seats may not be together.

Will I get points for tickets purchased on the turnstiles, either home or away?

Points will not be awarded for tickets purchased on a turnstile even if the ticket is produced as proof of purchase to the ticket office at a later date.

What happens if I need to cancel tickets?

Points will be deducted for tickets cancelled and points can only be awarded once for a particular match, no advantage is gained by booking multiple tickets for the same fixture. It has to be stressed the supporter needs to quote their unique client reference number in every transaction.

What if I attended a game but did not allocate my ticket to my client reference number?

Unfortunately the ticket office cannot retrospectively assign points after the transaction is complete.

Loyalty Points – Some Examples

Example 1

A Season Ticket Holder is booking 4 tickets for friends who are all Season Ticket Holders also. The purchaser books them online under his client reference and doesn’t allocate the other tickets via ‘Friends and Family’ function. Although each ticket is worth 5 points, (s)he will only be allocated 5 points for one tickets and none of his/her friends will get any points. In summary (s)he will receive only 5 points.

Example 2

A Season Ticket Holder is booking four match tickets with four different Season Ticket Holder Client Reference numbers. The match has been allocated 2 Loyalty Points.

Four tickets with four Client Reference numbers = 2 points per client reference number/supporter.

Example 3

A Member is booking two tickets for two different home fixtures on his own Client Reference number. The first match is worth seven points and second is worth three points.

Two tickets with one client reference number for two different fixtures = 10 points in total.

Friends and Family

Friends and Family is a handy ticketing benefit that allows Season Ticket Holders or Members to link their account with those of other fans in their household, workplace, or with friends.

Linking accounts automatically consolidates the purchasing allowance for tickets. This means individual fans can purchase match tickets using the allocation for each account that is linked to their own.

Linking accounts is easy. Simply log on at and select ‘Friends and Family’ from the list of options on the main page. To link with an existing account hokder , you will need to enter their Client Reference Number and Postcode:

You can also enter the details of any fans who are new to Leyton Orient, but don’t yet have an account. Their personal details will be linked to your own record and they can then establish an account by logging in at a later date. Please make sure you are not duplicating accounts.

For further information or assistance with client reference numbers, your account, or using the Friends and Family scheme, please contact the Ticket Office on email [email protected] with as much information as possible.