VIDEO REACTION: Slade & Clarke

access_time 7 years ago
“We carry on as things stand,” said Slade. “There was a frank and honest exchange and discussion with the President [Francesco Becchetti], Alessandro [Angelieri, CEO] and Mauro [Milanese, Sporting Director] with a plan to moving forward and that plan involves me at this moment in time. I think going forwards communication is going to be key.
“It was a very honest discussion. I’m an honest man and will say what I think and the President is a very passionate man and says what he thinks so it is about working to find that common ground. 
“We are not the finished article, we know that, but the spirit is unbroken. These are challenging times and a learning curve for everyone involved but we must get over the obstacles in front of us.
“I love the football club, the fans know that, and I love my job. I’ve made sacrifices to make it work with my family being far away and I don’t want my job taken away. Hopefully relationships and performances will reach the levels we expect.”
Full interviews with Russell Slade (both immediately after the game and later in the evening) and with Nathan Clarke can be found below on our YouTube channel.