Prostate Cancer UK Collection

access_time 7 years ago

Prostate Cancer UK is the Official Charity Partner of The Football League. Saturday’s game against Oldham Athletic is our Men United match day where we are raising as much money as possible to beat prostate cancer, and we are also encouraging Orient fans everywhere to get together with their mates and join Men United.

In the build up to the game our fans have been remembering their favourite moments with their mates while watching the O’s. 

Orient 2 – 1 Peterborough, Play Off Semi Final second leg, May 2014

“I had started taking my young son, Davis. The atmosphere and tension of the game, and the result, was sensational. We were on the pitch with hundreds of others after the game. I said to my son to enjoy the moment as they come so infrequently in a fan’s life.   Five months later I was told I had prostate cancer, and after having my prostate removed, I am almost back to full health. At 57 it means that I will be able to have many years of following the O’s with my son.” – David Watson

Orient 2 – 1 Wrexham, June 1989

“One of many great magical memories I have had over the Orient with my father and uncle, who are my true pals, was the Wrexham play off final 88/89. When the final whistle we went running on the pitch, I was sitting on my dads shoulders singing “the reds are going up and now you’re going to believe us”, We sang so loud we could hardly speak What a night!” –  Simon Paice

Oxford United 2-2 Orient, May 2006

“Promotion to League 1 on the final day of the season away at Oxford United with a friend I had known throughout the entirety of my school life. The two of us, along with my father, experienced every emotion possible during the rollercoaster of a match that decided whether we would have to face the agony of the playoffs or seal automatic promotion. Thankfully the latter came true, though I don’t think I could speak for several days after! I’m still good mates with the friend and we regularly bring up the memory of that fateful and ultimately glorious day.” – Matthew Collins

Blackburn Rovers 3 – 2 Orient, September 2011

“About 3 seasons ago we had Blackburn in the Round 2 of The League Cup, and my mate and I were waiting outside the club shop for the coach to take us to Blackburn. Another Orient fan came over to us and started to have a chat. From then on we have been mates and sit together at the matches”. – Paul Howard

As Paul says we know what starts with a quick hello can end with a nationwide movement of men ready to fight for their friends, themselves and men everywhere.

That is why Men United starts with friendship. Search Men United now or visit Men United. Keeping friendships alive.