Parlez-vous francais? Vincelot and Baudry go back to school

access_time 7 years ago

Romain Vincelot and Mathieu Baudry spent the afternoon at George Mitchell All-Through School on Thursday afternoon for a very unique community trip. This was no regular question and answer session; the question and answer session was actually in French! 

The O’s pair took part in an unusual French lesson with 100 year 8 students. Vincelot and Baudry kicked off by introducing themselves before the students began to ask questions in French to the players.

The aim of the task was for the students to be able to use their knowledge of the language to ask the French born players questions, and to be able to listen to, and understand the reply in French, the students will then have a test. The pupils that understood Baudry and Vincelot’s answers the most will recieve signed posters.

Baudry said, “Some of the children spoke very good French, it is important to speak another language and it was good to be able to talk to them about the importance of education.” 

The pupils questioned Baudry and Vincelot about their careers, education and their moves to England. 

One pupil asked, ‘what was the hardest thing about moving to England?” Baudry answered, “The hardest thing was not being able to speak very good English, we learnt English at school but foreign language was never my strong point, I started watching TV with subtitles to learn English properly.”

Some of the pupils spoke about their afternoon. Chris, a year 8 student said, “I think it went well. I learnt a lot and I had a lot of fun.”

Sohaib, another year 8 student said, “I had a good time learning about them and what inspired them to play football.” 

Marissa Tomkins, Curriculum leader for modern foreign language explained why the school wanted the O’s pair to take part in the French Q+A, “The pupils asked loads of questions, it was really nice to be able to make French real to them and use the language in real life, that was the aim of the session. The kids spoke really well and the players were brilliant with answering them slowly to allow them time to understand and take notes.” 

Watch a short video here: