NEWS: Players help to cheer up O's fan after major operation

access_time 7 years ago

Jed Fisher, a 21-year-old O’s fan turned out to play for his local team in Ramsey on the Isle of Man. After around 30 minutes of the first half, a freak accident would lead to a fight to save his life.

A routine defensive clearance led to a head on collision between Jed, who plays at left back, and his goalkeeper. The impact of this collision was so severe that it had forced Jed’s liver into his spine, causing it to split down its length with only  2cm left intact. The true severity of the injury was not at first apparent to the other players and officials at the match although the pain told Jed that something was very wrong.

Initially blood tests at the hospital showed liver dysfunction and then a CT scan showed the true extent of the damage. A decision had to be made whether he would need to be flown to Liverpool for a major operation or whether such a journey would pose more of a risk. The surgeon had no doubt; he needed the operation immediately and within 15 minutes Jed was in theatre.

The operation went well but Jed had lost over 40 per cent of his blood internally and the liver had been packed to stop the bleeding and these packings would soon have to be removed to avoid the high risk of infection. Happily, the second operation was also a success and after two weeks in hospital Jed was ready to continue his recovery at home.

The surgeon expects Jed to make a full recovery after six months.

Martyn Fisher, a team-mate at the club, Ramsey Youth Centre and Old Boys FC, wrote into the O’s asking if there was anything we could do to help and ‘Tweeted’ Gary Sawyer, Jed’s favourite player, in an effort to cheer him up during his recovery in hospital.

As you can see from the photo, Jed is now at home and is proudly holding a pair of Gary’s signed boots and a shirt signed by the whole squad.

Jed said: “I’d like to thank the players and staff of Leyton Orient for their kindness and support as well as Martyn and all at Ramsey Youth centre for all their efforts.

“The boots and shirt are fantastic and have certainly helped cheer me up. I obviously wish the team well and hope to get over to see them in the not too distant future”.