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Ticket Update: Dagenham & Redbridge (A) and Loyalty Point System

access_time 6 years ago

Further to the announcement yesterday regarding the sales criteria for Dagenham & Redbridge tickets, the Club have been in consultation with their ticketing providers in order to make the application process easier for supporters.

Further to these discussions and after reviewing comments made by supporters, the loyalty points system will no longer be used and point totals will revert to zero.

The Club will adopt a profile based ticket allocation strategy which will be enabled when demand outstrips supply.  This will give us the ability to offer online sales to customers who fall within specific profiles (i.e. season ticket holders, supporters who have purchased specific event tickets etc) for any event.

Hopefully this will make things fairer and easier for supporters when purchasing tickets.

However, as with everything there will be certain issues that supporters need to be aware of when purchasing tickets in order for this system to work.

•    Online match tickets are limited to one per person in order for each customer to be included in the relevant profile.  Customers must register, and add any other supporters they wish to purchase tickets for, to their friends and family.

•    When purchasing in person or by post, all customer numbers must be given over and recorded at the point of sale otherwise supporters will not be included in that profile.  It is the responsibility of the customer to check their tickets before leaving the point of sale and ensure customer numbers are recorded on the tickets.  Adjustments will not be made retrospectively.

•    For every game there will be a certain percentage of tickets held back from online sale for those supporters who, for whatever reason, are unable to apply online.

After taking into account all the above, there will now be a revised sales process for Dagenham & Redbridge tickets which can be found by clicking here.

Please note – with any release of tickets for which demand will exceed supply, the ticketing website will be under heavier pressure than usual at 10am on Monday and supporters are asked to be patient when accessing the site.


In order to alleviate basic logging in problems, supporters should ensure beforehand that their browser is able to access our site (recommended browsers are Google Chrome or Firefox) and that they have flash software enabled on their hardware in order to view the layouts.


Supporters are also encouraged to check their log in details and customer records to make sure they are up to date and reflect the profiles needed prior to application.  By this we mean log in and check on your purchase history that you have a season ticket (in the case of Dagenham Tickets) allocated. 

If you don’t have this you may be using an incorrect customer record (in the case of duplicate customer records) or you have tried to log on multiple times. If you have any queries on this please email the ticket office at [email protected] for clarification. 

If you have your season ticket already, your customer number can be found on the insert in the left-hand inner sleeve under your customer name.