NEWS: Join Leyton Orient Trust's Football Fans in Training programme

access_time 5 years ago

Want to become Leyton Orient’s latest signing? Join our next Football Fans in Training programme!

Want to get behind the scenes at Orient? Being trained by professional coaches each week? The Football Fans in Training programme can make that happen!

Fans aged 35-65 with a waist of 38 inches or more or BMI of 28 or more have been getting the chance to go behind the scenes at Orient to improve their health, lose weight, reduce their waist size and reduce their blood pressure by taking part in a twelve week men’s health programme held in the stadium.

Over the twelve weeks these sports fans have swapped sofa for stadium to learn how to make small changes to their lifestyle that can make a huge effect on their health. Each weekly session runs for two hours, the first hour being based in the stadium learning about improving diet, increasing physical activity and ways to build it into busy lifestyles, The second hour of the sessions sees the participants getting physically active taking part in a variety of sports and activities aiming to boost fitness and activity levels including football, handball, boxing, badminton and circuit training to name a few.

Phillip Smith, who leads the programme at Leyton Orient stated:

The impact we’ve seen through the programme to date has been tremendous, a 5% or 10% loss of weight for those with a high BMI can bring huge health benefits and the programme aims to make small changes to diet and lifestyle that can bring this about. The key to the programme is making realistic changes that can be carried on for the long term tailored to each individual and not just a short term fix.

So far 35 participants have successfully completed the programme since it’s rollout in January losing a combined total of 113kg! And a combined waistline loss of 38 inches!

Terry, a recent participant commented:

‘The routine has helped motivation, the varied physical activities keep it from being boring, good hints & tips on healthy eating, regular measurements helped to achieve goals. The course has helped me make the small changes that have had a big impact on my overall well-being. It has opened my eyes to what my intake of food consumption was and has allowed me to make positive changes by changing my routine.

Terry lost a total of 10.2kg over the twelve-week course and has continued to lose weight and keep it off too.’

The programme is currently FREE to join thanks to funding from the big lottery and with the next group starting on Monday September 12th; we’re keen to get as many fans from sofa to stadium to get fit.

Want to become Orient’s next signing?  To sign up or for more information get in touch with Phillip Smith: [email protected] or visit the website: