NEWS: Injury update with physio Peter Webb

access_time 5 years ago

On Harry Cornick’s current injury situation…

“Following the Barnet game Harry presented with some pain, and went back to Bournemouth for a check-up with their doctor who after that period wanted him to complete his rehabilitation there.

“During his rehab they noticed Harry wasn’t progressing as expected, so he went to see a specialist two weeks ago. From that appointment it was deemed the injury was a little bit more serious than first thought meaning that he required further intervention to which he underwent an operation on Tuesday last week.

“Harry is currently still back at Bournemouth undergoing his rehab programme again and hopefully he will be able to return to the club before the end of his loan period in January.”

On Liam Kelly’s rehabilitation following hamstring surgery…

“It is almost six weeks since Liam underwent his operation and he is doing really well. He’s doing his rehab at a medical centre in London for time purposes, and due to us having a few niggles of our own here we want him to be able to concentrate on his rehabilitation himself whilst it is also easier for him to get there from where he lives.

“His strength is improving and we hope to get him back running into the New Year. Once he is back running again then he should continue to progress through, but in regards to see him playing again it won’t be until about February.”

On Teddy Mezague’s recovery on his Achilles injury…

“Teddy has progressed really well and has been in every day doing double, even triple, sessions and is putting in the effort that he needs to in order to get back onto the field.

“Last Thursday he joined the squad for the first time and is currently doing half sessions to increase his time. This will be the case until Friday to which he will then hopefully be involved in full training.

“From then it will be a time issue in regards to seeing him play some minutes, but once he gets his minutes up and his fitness hits the level required we will hopefully get to see Teddy out on the pitch before Christmas.”