SEASON TICKETS: Baskin Robbins North Family Stand clarification

access_time 4 years ago

The Club received feedback from supporters throughout last season in the form of letters, emails and calls regarding the level of behaviour and bad language exhibited by groups of adult fans in the Family Stand.
This was always intended to be an area where children could attend matches with their parents in a safe and secure environment and would not be subject to the more “colourful” and often obscene and offensive language that is heard elsewhere within the ground nor have to worry about getting caught up in aggressive behaviour either between supporters or directed towards the players.
The feedback has shown that the Club’s original intentions have become neglected and as both a strong family, and community based Club, we are keen to reinstate the values which have become lost over the seasons.
As such, only applications including at least one adult/senior and one under 18 will be accepted and processed for this stand.
We realise this may concern some supporters whose children may have grown up in the stand and are now 18 or over but we are sure you will appreciate the need to have an appropriate area for children to enjoy the matchday experience, as yours have had the chance to in previous times.  We are happy to work with any supporters or groups who no longer fulfil this criteria to relocate them to an alternative area in one of the other three stands and we hope that our realistic pricing structure will prove affordable and good value for the forthcoming season.