INTERVIEW: Embleton - 'It is great to be a part of this Football Club once again'

access_time 4 years ago

Having worked for the O’s between 2000 and 2009, Embleton was announced as Assistant Coach on Saturday and revealed his delight at being back in E10.

“It feels like it has been a long time that I have been away, but it is great to be a part of this Football Club once again,” explained Embleton.

“It’s been a relatively long period that I’ve been away, but hopefully the time I have spent elsewhere has helped me develop enough to come back and put all of those experiences to good use.

“Everybody is fully aware of how the takeover came together, and like every supporter I was reading little snippets here and there.

“It was interesting to hear that somebody was potentially coming in to save the Club, and the closer the takeover became likely I started to realise that there could then be an opportunity to maybe return.”

Having most recently worked as first team coach at Swindon Town, the 35-year-old is looking to make the most of his 18-months with the Robins now back with a familiar face in Director of Football Martin Ling.

“Martin took me to Swindon as part of his backroom staff, and it is good to be working with him once again.

“Last year was a very difficult season and period for myself with Swindon suffering relegation from League One, and as a Club they were also experiencing tough times.

“I learnt a huge amount from being in that environment, and I am now very keen to get back into the flow of things and use those skills hopefully in a positive frame this time.

“We are all waiting to see who will be appointed as First Team Coach, but I am very much looking forward to it and working with the players,” he added.

“That is where I enjoy my job most and feel where I am best. When the appointment is made, I will then look to develop an understanding with that person to see how we can come up with the most effective way to work together and meet our target of going out and winning games every week.”

Yesterday (Monday) saw Embleton meet the players for the first time as they reported back for pre-season training, and the 35-year-old revealed he was pleased with the results from the early tests before finishing by expressing his excitement at working with the squad.

“All players returned fit and well other than Sam Dalby who has, what we hope will prove to be a minor injury that will not keep him out of training for too long, and took part in a number of physical tests to gauge their level of fitness and gather the relevant data to show what level they are currently at.

“The yoyo running test results were very positive with a number of outstanding performers that have clearly worked hard during their summer break,” explained Embleton.

“After lunch everyone took part in some additional work with the sports science coaches before we finally got the balls out and the players got to work technically and in some possession related practices.

“The general level of fitness and physical standard of the players is good, so now is the key period for us to work with them in this area in order to ensure that they continue to progress for a long season ahead.

“I have spent a lot of last few days watching the young players here at the Club, and know a hell of a lot about a number of them because of the opportunities they had in the first team last season.

“I have heard lots of different opinions about each individual, but have made the most of the opportunity to sit down and watch the games that they were involved in to understand exactly what type of player they are, what their strengths are and where we can help them develop.

“What we have to remember is that they are still very young and although we want them to be successful, we need to be mindful of the fact that they still need help to develop.

“To have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals that we are bringing in to help them develop and strengthen the dressing room is also something I am really excited about.

“Someone like David Mooney doesn’t need too much talking about in these surroundings but he has enjoyed a very good career, had a brilliant time here previously and hopefully we can hit the ground running this time around.

“On top of that, we have also been able to add experienced players in Joe Widdowson, Charlie Lee and Jake Caprice over the past few days, and they are all individuals that am I looking forward to working with going forward.”