INTERVIEW: Webb - 'There is a brilliant structure in place'

access_time 4 years ago

On the back of the announcement of his return to E10 on Saturday, Webb has spent the week putting the Orient youngsters through their paces in pre-season training and admitted he is thrilled to be back.
“It feels fantastic to be here once again,” Webb told

“When I decided to leave a few months ago I had a real optimistic sense that a takeover would happen at some point, and there was always a thought in my mind that I would love to come back.

“It was extremely pleasing to see the takeover go through, but most importantly for the supporters who have stuck by this Club despite everything.

“They kept turning up and supporting the team, and what I will say is that the fact of how supportive the fans were during that time will make the young players a million times better going into the first team environment under a new First Team Coach this season.

“We have got an owner in Nigel Travis who is extremely popular already, a Director of Football in Martin Ling who knows the game inside out, and for me to work for them is the structure, planning and feeling that I was craving before.”

“To be back to Chigwell and helping produce the next batch of young talent is something I am delighted to be doing.”

Webb, who held a number of roles at the Club following his arrival in 2011, spent two months as First Team Manager last season but admitted that role does not appeal to him at this moment in time.

“I loved having the opportunity and like to think that I gave something to the supporters during that time in seeing a glimpse of the young talent we have coming through, but it wasn’t a case of having a taste of management and believing I am now a manager. Far from it,” explained Webb.

“I am a coach and I am still learning my trade. Management does appeal to me but is something that I believe to be in the distance.

“The period from when I left here made me realise that whatever I did next wasn’t about the role or the job title as much, it was about going back to what I feel I do best and at this stage of my career it is producing young players.

“Once the takeover was completed I put my name in for the Youth Team Coach role, and there was no discussion about the first team from either the Club or myself.

“That is something that didn’t cross my mind, and I am grateful to have been given this role. Hopefully when the First Team Coach is appointed they can really get the reward of the young players we have.

“What I think is great now is with Martin in charge we have a philosophy from the top which will give those players the best opportunity to develop. We have a brilliant structure in place and to be a part of a proper Football Club is a great feeling.”

Having left the Club in March of this year, Webb explained that although it was nice to have had time to unwind he is excited to be back at the O’s and looking forward to working with Director of Football Martin Ling and First Team Assistant Coach Ross Embleton.

“You hear people say about taking time away from the game when they leave a Club, but I didn’t necessarily take that time to go on holiday and switch off. For me, it was a case of carrying on watching football, I went and saw how a couple of top Clubs train and how the staff work.

“When you are out of the game it feels like an age, even if it is only for a short period. I did enjoy the break as you would at the end of any season, but my break was obviously a bit prolonged. I did receive a few offers of different roles during that time, but I kept a close eye on the situation here,” he added.

“I have come across Martin in the past having worked closely with his son Sam when he was here as a player, and Ross is someone who despite not knowing previously I can already tell is a really good guy.

“He is young like myself and enthusiastic about improving young players which is great. We sat down together and discussed the best way we believe we can help the players develop and it is wonderful to see that there is a philosophy now in place throughout whole Club.

“I think the fans can now see a direction in which we are going and it is brilliant to be a part of something where everyone is singing off the same page.”