COMMUNITY: Clark and Dayton visit local school to give inspiration for their writing project

access_time 4 years ago

Pupil Anas said: “I liked that we had the opportunity to meet real football players and that I got the chance to ask them what inspired them to play football.”

Teacher Mr Wilson said: “It’s great when we do enrichment activities like this, as it really helps the pupils to put a real-world connection to their work. It was great that the players talked about working hard to make it in football, as that lesson can be applied to their school work but also to the rest of their lives too.”

As part of the visit, the players gave the class two tickets each for the next home game against AFC Fylde.

Michael Clark said: “A couple of the kids we spoke to today have never been to a professional football match and were asking me what the stadium looked like from the inside. It was fantastic to be able to give them tickets at the end of the lesson, so they can come along and watch us play.”

James Dayton said: “The pupils asked us some really great questions about different aspects of our careers, the success we’ve enjoyed but also the setbacks we’ve experienced. So hopefully today we’ve inspired them to work hard and never give up on what they want to do.”

Community Liaison Officer, Howard Gould, added, “We’ve had a great relationship with Norlington Boys School for quite a few years now and it’s always a pleasure visiting with players as we know how highly they are regarded and the benefits produced. In return, we know the school support the club on match-days both in showcasing their student’s talents e.g. their school drum band performances and by encouraging attendance at games.”

“We now look forward to welcoming the Year 9s to the game on Tuesday, October 24 when a select team will be facing their local rivals from George Mitchell School in a half-time penalty shoot-out, now becoming an annual event in its own right!”