COMMUNITY: Kent and Chris Teague visit local Primary Schools

access_time 4 years ago

Here are just a few examples of the questions Kent and Chris Teague were asked in their recent visit to Primary Schools in Chingford and Tower Hamlets:

  • How big is Texas? (Big! – It takes 13 hours to drive North to South, and 13 hours to drive East to West.)
  • Ronaldo or Messi? (I’d choose R9 – the original Ronaldo.)
  • Have you been to the White House? (Yes, my sister once had a job working for President Bush.)
  • What’s your favourite food? (Chris – Pizza. Kent – everything! Especially if it’s from the Texas State Fair.)
  • What did you have for breakfast? (Chocolate croissant and a pint of milk.)
  • What traditions do you celebrate? (Thanksgiving and Christmas – both involve seeing family and lots of food!)
  • Have you ever played football? (No, but my daughters have played in soccer teams.)
  • Do you have carrier pigeons in Texas? (Yes, mainly for leisure, most people tend to use email now!)
  • Do you have a Lamborghini? (No) Do you have a Ferrari? (No) What car do you have? (Both Chris and I have BMWs – I’m not a ‘car guy’)
  • Do you like cats? (Yes, we have 3)
  • What’s your favourite video game? (At the moment I love playing Fifa 18!)

Kent and Chris Teague visited Ainslie Wood, Chase Lane and St. Luke’s Primary School as part of the pen-pal letter exchange set up by Chris Teague and Leyton Orient Trust. The scheme links Primary Schools that the Trust works with in London and matches them to elementary schools Chris has links with in Dallas. Kent and Chris will take the letters from London and deliver them to the students in Dallas, and when Kent is next in the UK he will bring the replies.

There are now over 600 pupils from the UK and the US involved in the exchange. It is hoped that the scheme will continue and progress to a facilitated Skype call at some point. The children’s security is priority for this project, therefore the pupils are asked not to include any personal information in the letters, such as contact details. Both Chris and the teachers review the letters before they are passed on and will edit the content if required.

Chris Teague said: “I’m so excited that we have the opportunity to connect kids in the US to kids in the UK through the pen pal program. It provides a small glimpse into the life of a child their age in another country and demonstrates how their lives are so similar.”

‘The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about life in Texas, with plenty wanting to visit! Hopefully this is the start of a long relationship between the 2 schools.’ Tim Barker, year 5 class teacher, Chase Lane Primary School.

‘I have really liked writing to the children in America. We were trying to persuade them to come to London. Hopefully we will get to meet them all one day!’ Daniel, year 5 pupil, Chase Lane Primary School.