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COMMUNITY: O's pair support local school's Sports Day

access_time 4 years ago

The Leyton school’s annual event takes place at the prestigious Lee Valley Athletics track in Edmonton, north London, and midfielder Lee was most impressed. “I haven’t been here before,” he revealed, “but it’s a tremendous facility. It’s so tempting to take to the track and have a run around. I was a bit of an athlete myself in my youth!” He then went on to drop names he used to train with such as Greg Rutherford and our own ex-O, Shaun Batt!

“Shaun was extremely quick and ran the first leg in our 4 x 100 relay. I used to be the last leg and so by the time the baton came to me we were so far in front I didn’t really have to race anyone,” he recalled with a smile.

The two players were happy to present medals at the podium and then took time to chat to pupils as they were leaving to make their journey back to school.

Assistant Head at the school, Paul Hobbs, stated afterwards, “It was great to have David and Charlie here supporting the boys and chatting to them about their careers. They are our local role models and give good advice as well as encouragement. The continued backing and support to our school and at events by Leyton Orient is really very much appreciated and we hope it continues for a long time yet.”

Howard Gould, LOFC Liaison Officer, said, “We’ve had a solid and fruitful relationship with Norlington school for many years and we’re always happy to support their events whilst in return, they always make an effort to support the O’s whether it be a match-day and supplying the musical entertainment or at off-site events and tournaments for example. It’s also noticeable that more and more pupils are attending games independently which is obviously the pinnacle result for the club”.