LOFC Global Coaching Programme

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Mission Statement

“We aim to offer a range of football-based projects in the United States of America. We will increase the awareness of London’s second oldest professional football club by establishing a good and engaging rapport with all members of the community. We will share our Club’s coaching philosophy, values and practice methodology with all players and staff alike. We aim to positively influence clubs via delivery of coaching clinics, holiday camps and forming “super club” working models”

Tickets, priced at just $270 (£200), are available to purchase here. Interested players can also email Lewis Spencer at [email protected] to register their interest.


Who we are?

We possess a diverse range of Union of European Football Associations (U.E.F.A) qualified coaches who are passionate about coaching in the values of our Club. We are committed to enriching the lives of young American soccer players so that they fall in love with both the game and Leyton Orient Football Club.

What we do?

We are committed to delivering a range of fun and varied participation soccer programs regardless of ability, level or gender. We will deliver holiday camps, team camps and coach education clinics. We are passionate about the game of soccer, we will have as much fun as the players when we work. The power of soccer and Leyton Orient is a perfect blend to empower players to play the game.

How we coach?

Players will be guided from a wide and varied coaching syllabus. The syllabus is live and current and has been developed by a vastly experienced Academy and Global coach with over 30 years of experience. We will strive to create such an environment through displaying strong interpersonal skills, constantly inviting input from the players themselves and by always being mindful that mistakes aid development.

Players will be aware that our staff are approachable, understanding and knowledgeable, and will create an environment where players are encouraged to express themselves and show creative qualities without the fear of a negative response from any staff member. In fact, we would like the opposite. With such qualities being encouraged and supported through the education of realism this will assist such decision making.

Throughout training sessions and games, we will use several different coaching techniques developed through continual coach development. We will predominantly use Question and Answer, Trial and Error and Guided Discovery.

We will also utilise visual aids containing bite sized pieces of information. Our thinking is that fundamentals that we would like to see throughout the academy will be drip fed through clear, permanent displays in the changing rooms, whilst individual learning objectives will be highlighted on each match day.

Players will be given ownership and encouraged to take risks always on the field, as they attempt to discover ways to dominate all 1v1 situations. We will challenge the players to start to understand ways of dominating the ball and how to work out simple overloads such as 2v1 and 3v2 both in and out of possession. They will also experience several playing positions to help them understand the game further.