COMMUNITY: Alabi makes Community debut

access_time 3 years ago

The striker turned up unannounced to the amazement of some of the participants who had never met a professional footballer before and he was instantly engulfed with what seems to be the ‘in-thing’ to have signed these days – a football boot!

“It was fun,” said James afterwards. “I like talking to the kids about my career so far and what it takes to become a professional. Hopefully some of the advice will rub off.”

Questions to James included; how he got spotted; who his favourite player was and of the goals he’s scored, what was his favourite. And after the general question and answer session ended, photos and autographs ensued.

One of the youngsters was excited to say that this was his favourite day as he had never met a professional footballer before!

James Court, lead coach for LOT, said, “We’re always grateful to the players for taking time to come and get involved with the local kids. It really is a highlight for them and something they talk about for a long time. And with the tickets the club graciously offers, the prospect of seeing James play just enhances the whole experience.”

Oh, and James’ favourite player………Didier Drogba.

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