COMMUNITY: Leyton Orient Trust get involved in The Plastic Pollution Challenge

access_time 3 years ago

The lesson was delivered by James Court, Leyton Orient Trust Lead Development Coach. The class watched a video about the everyday use of plastic and heard about suggested ideas for alternatives. Pupils then worked on quiz activities – answering questions about the amount of plastic found in the ocean. Afterwards they wrote ideas for other things they could use instead of plastic, especially single-use plastic.

The challenge encourages children to think creatively about how they can reduce the use of single-use plastics at school or in their community. The competition element tasks primary school pupils to make a #PassOnPlastic pledge detailing how they will help reduce plastic pollution.

Alles Wilson, Year 5 teacher, said: “This topic is important simply because it’s our planet, it’s our planet earth, and adults as well as children need to know that we need to look after our planet and find alternatives to plastic. Hopefully one of them here will become a top scientist, and find a way to destroy this retched plastic problem.”

Pupils in the class commented:

  • “Plastic is a big problem for the world. But I can do things to help.”
  • “Trash goes in to the ocean and is bad for the fish”
  • [Referring to the estimated number of pieces of plastic in the ocean] “I didn’t realise it was that much! I was really surprised”