COMMUNITY: Joe Widdowson joins pupils for PE lesson

access_time 3 years ago

Joe started the visit by answering some of the  pupils’ questions, which they were very excited to learn of the time he met Brazilian player, Willian; what advice he’d give to anyone wanting to become a footballer; how many countries he’s played in, and how his career has been at Orient.

Joe’s coaching skills were then put to the test as he led a PE lesson for the class of 30 pupils. After a brief warm up, Joe led a skills session in passing, dribbling and shooting, ending with the keen footballers taking penalties against one another, and trying their best to get the ball past the O’s defender.

One pupil  said: “The dribbling he has taught us will help when I try to shoot the ball for my Saturday team, especially learning from a pro.”
Another pupil said: “Joe could teach us every day! I play at weekends for a team, this will help me a lot to be better than them, and then I can play with Joe.”