NEWS: Turley commits to the O's

access_time 2 years ago

The 29-year-old joined the O’s on January 16, 2019, and quickly became a key member of the O’s side that clinched the National League title last season.

Turley made 14 appearances for the Club last term, scoring once, and became a fan favourite with his versatility, work-rate and ability to put his body on the line noted. 

Turley told, “I’m over the moon really, it was never in doubt it was just getting the minor details sorted. I’m really looking forward to staying here for at least the next two years.” 

“I just fit in here really well. I got a really good vibe before when I played against Orient and I think this Club has just got me. I work hard for the team and I fit into a team that works hard for each other.”

The Club has gone through tragedy with the recent loss of Justin Edinburgh and Turley is grateful to have the support of his fellow O’s in this tough time, “I’ve never been involved in a changing room like it. The tragedy that we’ve had to go through, hopefully, we never have to go through again.

“Through the unknown, we are consoling each other. I think at the moment, everyone is itching to get back into work and working hard for each other. We want to carry on the legacy. He wouldn’t want us moping about, that’s not what he’s about.”

Turley also praised new Interim Head Coach Ross Embleton saying, “I think it is the right decision. Ross is going to be brilliant, I know he will be. He’s got the backing from all the players”