Professional Development Lead Phase Coach Ross Wilding post Cambridge United victory

access_time 2 years ago

On the result…

‘’Very pleased. It’s been a tough week for the boys because we had to bounce back from a 7-2 defeat last week. We’ve done lots of work on defending in the penalty box and being a bit more clinical in the opposing penalty box. The boys stuck to their task very well.

I thought Cambridge had much better possession of the ball in the middle third. But I thought we were more clinical and decisive in both boxes today.’’

Improvement on last week?

‘’There’s always areas improve at any level, but especially at their age. The intent of what they were trying to do things was the most pleasing aspect for me. The desire to want to defend, to do the ugly side of the game if you like, that was really clear to see.

In the final third, we’re saying ‘let’s not always score the wonderful goals’ but also knock downs and lose balls let’s make sure we’re the first to it and put it in.

Lawrence Hammond hat-trick

‘’Lawrence deserved his hat-trick. He’s had to play wide sometimes, like he did today. I thought he had a very good game today, he kept running throughout. He got brought down on the edge of the box for what probably would have been his third and fair play to him, he kept going. When the chance came later in the penalty box he stuck it away.’’

Jordon Adeyemi missing through illness, Front three step up a notch

‘’Somebody had to step up to the plate today without Jordon. I think Jordon has done extremely well at scoring important goals at key times for us when actually we probably aren’t the better side, so there was a bit of pressure on the front boys today.

We worked on movement with all of the boys up top, so they’re not so flat. I thought the three of them did very well today (Jeremie Sivi, Finlay Lovett, and Lawrence Hammond), Jeremie was a little bit unlucky not to score. Finlay had a really good game, was neat and tidy on the ball as he always is. Lawrence ran as he always does, but the difference with him was he was clinical.

He’s had chances in previous games and he was really frustrated after he missed the first one and he let it get to him but I think the first goal has settled him down.

Papadopoulos Assist

‘’He’s got that in that locker. He’s had to work really hard on all the other areas of his game. His defending, marking and tracking. We know when he gets a little bit of time and space he’s got that vision and those feet. He picked it out brilliantly. It was a great bit of midfield play.’’

Alex Solomon call up and performance

Alex had had a real tough start to the season. He was on holiday in Cyprus with his family and he was training for a week out there. I think he overran it, when he came back he was a little bit tired, stiff and injured. So he’s had a slow start to the season.

We brought him in knowing the potential he’s got, he was a late scholar coming in. He’s got his head down and got on with it. He’s been disappointed to have not started a few games recently. In training we have seen him get better and better. He deserved his start last week and it was a difficult game last week at Wimbledon.

Today I thought Cambridge’s’ number nine was excellent and I thought Alex (Solomon) and Tristan (Francois-Vernal) had a real tough afternoon dealing with him because he was big and a little bit quicker than both. They stuck to their task and both were excellent.

Alex gives that little bit of calmness on the ball. He had a very good game and improved as the game went on.

Peterborough Cup Game

‘’They’ll have the weekend off. I’m sure they’ll be professional and they’ll be raring to go. The Alliance Cup and the Youth Cup are must win games for the boys. It gives them extra matches to play. With it being a knock-out competition it brings a different kind of pressure. You want to be exposed to knock-out games, quarter-finals, semi-finals and all the chaos that can happen in those kind of games. It’s a wonderful experience, it’s something we go in there looking to win.

We will be fit and raring to go Tuesday.’’

The difference between last season and this one. Improvements.

‘’Clarity when working with individuals and dealing with key area of games, working in units. For example: marking in the box and heading the ball. Working on the bits that matter in football as much as all the pretty stuff like passing the ball.

It’s working on the things that effect players especially at a League Two and League One level, which these lads are hoping to move into. The nuts and bolts of the game, things like marking from corners. That just gives them a platform of confidence to work on in games like today. Where you’re always in the game and when the ball drops you have that bit of quality, you can then showcase it.

I hope it’s been a real clear mind-set where it’s been working on the weaknesses and the strengths.

We’ve done loads of work on throw-ins because we know we get more of those than other set-pieces. That’s an example of a part of the game we have worked on. Obviously we still work on the creative stuff and the finishing.

The boys’ attitude in training has been the big thing and when it gets to match day it’s a case of relaxing and just showing what they can do because they know they’ve worked on it through the week.”