Ross Embleton - We'll go there not intimidated, not scared

access_time 2 years ago

How has the response to Tuesday’s defeat been in training this week?

I think the boys feel like we’ve performed to a level where we have deserved more a couple of times recently. There was a lot said after Tuesday’s game, a lot of reflection including a lot of video work to try and work on where we’re falling short, so the response is a positive one. But I suppose we only find out how positive when we get into tomorrow’s game.

The results haven’t been where we want them to be recently but  the performances have offered positives.

I think there has been a lot of positives across the season so far but what we have to be careful of is analysing the positives and forgetting that despite the fact there is a lot of things we feel we can take out of a lot of games this season, the one thing we haven’t taken is enough points. That means we’re falling short in some way, shape or form.

We’re reviewed all the goals we’ve conceded this season, we don’t feel there is too much of a pattern in how we’re conceding so we’re not vulnerable specifically in one area so it is difficult to analyse but what we do know is we’ve got to become more streetwise, more game intelligent in key moments in matches and not let the fact we might make one mistake lead to another and another and result in a goal.

I think some of it is a concentration issue, some of it is understanding that we’re playing opponents of a much better level this year and ensure we don’t fall short.

Colchester United enjoyed a fantastic 3-0 win over Swindon Town on Tuesday. It’ll provide another tough test but is it a test you are  relishing?

Yeah – it’s not too far to travel which makes a change! We think it is going to be a very, very tough game as they got a fantastic result against one of the teams I think will be up there. I think we’ve performed well against some of the teams on form this season so we’ll go there not intimidated, not scared by it but knowing we’ve got to respect what Colchester are about.

How are we looking on the injury front?

James Brophy is very close – he’s trained since Tuesday so we would hope that he suffers no after effects from the training sessions he’s done and he can be very close to being involved in the game.

I was delighted that Jobi took part in some of training today, he didn’t take part in all of the session but that was planned. James Dayton and Jamie Turley have done more and more so it’s about building them up and putting plans in place so we can start to put a plan in place regarding getting them involved.