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Ross Embleton speaks to press following Colchester United defeat

access_time 2 years ago

Interim Head Coach Ross Embleton spoke to following the defeat to Colchester United.

Here are some of his key messages…

It felt like Deja-Vu with the manner in which the goals were scored by Colchester United today?

You’ve given a politer version of my post-match debrief really. I am angry and disappointed that we keep on giving ourselves so much to do in games of football. We’re not giving ourselves a chance, is probably the best way that I can put it.

I think in the first half, we were too happy to drop back and sit back behind the ball. We didn’t get enough pressure on Colchester, we didn’t try and force them into any errors. We knew where we felt we could get after them and we didn’t do that enough to give ourselves a platform to contribute anything to the game. There are a couple little moments here and there or a could decent spells where we look good but that’s not enough.

We started the game in the wrong frame of mind, we were a little bit negative, obviously the goal comes early on with adds to that but we don’t give ourselves an opportunity to play into the game.

Conor Wilkinson worked hard and deserved to get his goal, which came under unusual circumstances?

We felt that if we were aggressive enough and got higher up the pitch, we could pressure on them at the back and pressure on their goalkeeper to force them into mistakes and our start to the game wasn’t good enough as we seemed to be too accepting to drop Conor and Louis back on our midfield, which wasn’t the intention of the way we went out there today.

If we wanted to play like that, we could have potentially gone with three recognised midfield players but I wanted Louis to be a more attack-minded player today, to have the opportunity to cause problems and get up and around Conor to try and force opportunities. I don’t think as a team we imposed ourselves enough.

Again, it was great travelling support!

Fantastic support – even for us at the end there, we had a right good go and I hope they can see that.  What I would say is please, please stick with us. Please stick with us, and more importantly stick with the boys. If people want to aim criticism at someone, I’m more than happy to take that. I’m here in an interim role and I’m doing the best I can to help, the backing today was fantastic, the numbers we had today was fantastic.

When we go to our next game at home, I really hope people continue to give us that support because no matter what my criticisms of us as a group will be after the game, they gave it a right good go in the second half. We got it wrong in the first half and we didn’t execute what we’d asked and what we’d spoken about,  we’ve dusted ourselves down and got ourselves out for the second half and gave it a right good go.