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Director of Football Martin Ling ahead of Head Coach search

access_time 2 years ago


O’s Director of Football Martin Ling has expressed his gratitude to Interim Head Coach, Ross Embleton, as he confirmed that he will return to his position of Assistant Coach upon the appointment of a new Head Coach. 

Ling told, “I can remember saying to him that it’s going to be turbulent waters, I said to him I’d be shoulder to shoulder with him through the turbulent waters but you’re going to be the man at the helm steering the ship through. I didn’t know what those waters would look like because we’d never been through the situation we’d been put through with Justin’s passing. It has been tough for all concerned but Ross has been at the forefront of that and been a brilliant captain and leader to be able to steer that ship to where we are today.”

“Ok, we’re fourth from bottom in League Two but he has steered us through those turbulent, turbulent times and now it is about adding something to the mix. First thing I want to go out there from this Football Club, from Nigel and Kent and me, is the admiration that we have for Ross, Danny and Jobi as leaders of this Club, Ross especially.

When asked about the recruitment process, “The announcement went out an hour and 55 minutes ago (at time of recording) and my phone has been very lively! The process is quite simple really, we’re now inviting people to apply for the job, the way that Ross has made the decision allows us to get the trawler net out. We will then reduce that to a number of around six that I will see and have a coffee with and then I will put whatever candidates out of those six in-front of the board and we will come out of that with the Manager.”

The O’s Director of Football insisted that they are in a position to take their time with the appointment of the new Head Coach, “I’m not going to put a time-scale on it, I don’t want to rush it. I’m very confident Ross, Danny and Jobi can lead the team through whatever amount of games it might be, it could be one, maybe two, maybe three. I’m confident they can lead us through that and we can take our time.”