Danny Webb - "They are raring to go tomorrow!"

access_time 2 years ago

Club Presenter, Oliver Buck, spoke to Interim Assistant Coach Danny Webb ahead of tomorrow’s visit of Port Vale to The Breyer Group Stadium…

What did you take away from the Colchester United defeat last weekend?

Unfortunately, no points! We did have a lot more of a go in the second half . I do think there were a few good performances, regardless of the result but unfortunately it is one of those games with a lot of cliches afterwards – I’m just looking forward to the next game which is luckily for us tomorrow to try and get three points on the board.

How are the lads looking ahead of tomorrow’s game?

Jamie Turley is still with the medical department – Jobi McAnuff is back training and looking a million dollars, which he always does when he’s on the football pitch. I think he’s been really good on the coaching side of it, even in the dugout when Ross is on the touchline doing his stuff so it’s nice to have that person in Jobi to talk to and bounce different ideas off of. Obviously he is still a player first and foremost so he’s back out there, Dayts is out there training so we’re all alright.

It is hard because last year, on a Monday morning everyone was flying about buzzing because we won on the Saturday. It is a bit quieter on a Monday morning when you don’t win but the boys lift themselves and they are raring to go tomorrow.

The characters in the squad are going to be important at a time like this?

First and foremost, those big characters are big characters because they sort their own performances first. They sort their own to day-to-day work into their match-day preparation, they look after themselves. People like Jobi and Josh Wright – it breeds, how they prepare, how they act, how they converse, they’re just proper people. Whether we’re having a fantastic season, a bottom of the league season or a mediocre season, those people have got reputations for being characters for a reason, it’s no coincidence, they’re consistent whether their teams are winning or losing.

Their characters have been the same so it’s important going forward, whatever the Club decides to do, those characters continue to be how they’ve been for a while. The lads around them will continue to learn from them and look up to them.

The full interview is available to view on The O’s Show.