Embleton: "It’s something I never thought would happen’’

access_time 2 years ago


Interim Head Coach, Ross Embleton, told leytonorient.com that the supporters singing his name following the end of Saturday’s 3-3 draw with Port Vale was one of the proudest moments of his career. 

’For me to walk around the pitch and hear people singing my name…it’s something I never thought would happen.

I walked onto the bus at Solihull away last year and there was about four people singing my name and that was something I went home and told my family about!

My kids were like ‘oh what song are they singing dad?’  I’m so disappointed it was only my little boy here today. My Mrs, my little girl, my mum and dad were all away and didn’t get to experience that. That has blown me away.

Last week I made a request that is people wanted to be negative then be negative towards me. This week has been a week in my life and responses I’ll never forget.

Walking around the pitch, despite it not being three points which would have been perfect, is something that I will never experience again.’’

Ending his interview with Dave Victor, Embleton addressed the Edinburgh family who were in attendance.

“I think the biggest thing to sign off on is that Justin’s family are up there. The boys put in a performance that we come to expect of Justin’s team last year. As much as I’ll take incredible amounts from today; the boys will because of the result and a positive result; let’s hope they go home with a smile on their face as well.’’