Ross Embleton following the 0-4 win over Grimsby Town

access_time 2 years ago

Having taken charge of 14 League Two games this season as Interim Head Coach, Ross Embleton managed the side for the final time, as The O’s defeated Grimsby Town 4-0 at Blundell Park.

Returning to his preferred role as Assistant, Embleton beamed with pride as he praised the squads recent form in the last couple of weeks.

‘’We said three or four games ago about building some momentum so that once the change was made permanent, the Manager would be able to come into a team that was confident and ready to look forward.

The boys have done that. They’ve been outstanding in the last couple of weeks. I felt like the result today was one that has been coming for a little while. I’m delighted for everybody. What it does is, it gives the new Manager a real opportunity to build and look onwards.’’

Dean Brill kept a clean sheet in the win, denying Jake Hessenthaler and Matt Green with two outstanding saves.

‘’He made two real good saves. His kicking was good. He gave us a real good opportunity to be solid at the back. Once we felt like we had that third goal and were comfortable, that was a real key thing, we didn’t commit too many players. We made sure we did our job properly and kept a clean sheet. Delighted for Dean, the team and the back-four.’’

Dan Happe opened the scoring and was a rock at the back, alongside Captain Josh Coulson. Embleton heaped praise onto the young centre-back.

‘’I thought he was outstanding today. He can go wherever he wants, if he keeps continuing to apply himself and to go and perform in the manner that he did today, physically, against a really good striker – target man, was outstanding.

I think the way that he imposed himself in the game on the ball as well, Dan shows that next level ability to move the ball and start attacks for us as well as stopping them.’’

Substitute striker James Alabi scored the games third goal, as well as winning the penalty for Orient’s fourth:

‘’Absolutely delighted for him. He shows a great attitude all the time. He’s got minutes sparingly here and there this season. He maintains a good attitude and a good focus to the way he goes about his work every day.

It felt like he had the ball at his feet for about 25 minutes on that run towards the goal! To show that composure I think is a lot tougher than when one pops out and you have to finish it instinctively. I’m delighted for him to get on the scoresheet today.

Matt Harrold started as the lone forward and Embleton admitted he regrets not giving the number 18 more opportunities earlier in the season.

‘’Incredible. I think I’ve said before, it’s certainly something that when I started to review how I’d worked and what I’d done since id be in charge, it was something that I looked back on with a bit of regret that I didn’t give Matt more opportunity early on.

Now that he’s got it he’s grabbed it with both hands. He gives us a real opportunity to keep the game alive at the other end of the pitch. Neither centre-half ever get the opportunity to rest. Every ball that goes up Matty has got a great touch to help us get up the pitch. He led the line fantastically again today.

James Dayton started for just the second time this season, in what was his first start in League Two, having only recently recovered from an injury sustained in April.

‘’There’s different ways of looking at James’ situation. We could keep sticking him on for 15 minutes, half an hour, but then it’s going to take a longer period to get him up to scratch physically. I thought it was an obvious change to bring him in for Conor today, but we knew he was only going to last a certain amount of time. I was delighted with his first half. The work rate.

He came in and mentioned the difference in intensity today, in comparison to the minutes he got at Wimbledon was huge, so that’s going to be invaluable for him moving forward throughout the rest of the season.’’