OPPOSITION VIEW: "We're gonna go and get on the front foot."

access_time 2 years ago

Forest Green Manager Mark Cooper gave his pre-match thoughts ahead of this Saturday’s game.

Following a 1-0 defeat to Plymouth, Cooper is looking to leave E10 with three points.

“I don’t think they’ll change what they do. They’re pretty set in what they do. We respect their players, but we have to concentrate on what we do, if we do it well – like I say every week, we have a chance to win. We’re gonna go and get on the front foot and try and play and get three points.”

The 50-year-old pointed to the experience of the O’s squad and the difference playing away from home.

“They have got a big squad with a lot of experience. We’re a little bit the other way, but we have a lot of energy, a lot of desire so we’re looking forward to it.”

The only difference away from home is that every team is 10-yards further up the pitch. When we’re away from home the opposition have a duty to their own fans to come out and have a little bit of a go.”

Cooper is looking forward to the trip to East London.

“If you look back not so long ago they were in the play-off final to get in the Championship. They’ve had ups and downs since then but they can sustain a good level of football.

Its a great set-up and a great football stadium in terms of atmosphere. We’re looking forward to experiencing that but none of that matters when the whistle goes.”