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As many Orient fans will know, ex-player, classy winger and Club legend Alan Comfort still has a firm association with the O’s and has an important role currently as the Club Chaplain.

He is still regarded in high esteem due to his exciting wing-play, smooth skills and goal-scoring attributes but his duties off the field now include home visits and lots of community engagement.

He recently sent us this to share…….

“As we all know, being a fan of Leyton Orient is more than watching a match on a Saturday afternoon. We are a family wonderfully connected by football but so much more than football. In my role as Chaplain of the club I get to meet people at the most joyful and sometimes sad moments of their lives, but one thing I always see is how much being part of the Leyton Orient family means to us all. Recently, I met life-long Orient fan Ian Pridmore at his home in Essex, a surprise arranged by his son Jack. Before you read what Ian had to say about our lovely meeting, I must tell you that Ian has since died. Our love and prayers as a football club are with his family as they grieve his loss, but we as a football club are glad that Orient brought him such joy in his life. I will leave Ian to have the last say on this……

‘I’ve fairly recently found out I have an incurable form of cancer, aged 63 and have been an Orient fan since 1962, which made me a bit of a glory hunter really as we got promoted to the First Division at the end of that season. Since then I’ve seen many great players come and go including Dave Dunmore, Laurie Cunningham, Peter Kitchen, Tony Grealish, Matt Lockwood, Dean Cox. One of my favourites has always been Alan Comfort and today I was surprised by the Club Chaplain and a visit to my home in Essex. A huge but incredibly welcome surprise. We talked Orient, talked about life and it was just a huge comfort to me being listened to by one of my football heroes for as long as I needed.

Today is just another example of why Leyton Orient is so much more than 11 players on the pitch. It is a phenomenon that gets under your skin, be it as a 5-year-old or even now as I become too ill to visit Brisbane Road. This sort of thing shows why the club will always be top of the league to its fans and shows that you’ll always be a member of this family during the good times and bad. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life and the best I’ve felt in months.”


Leyton Orient sends its condolences to the family.