COMMERCIAL: Partner Week continues...

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It’s Day 3 of Partner Week and today we start by focusing on a number of other vital partnerships to the O’s…

Sporting Pay – ‘An Evening With’ Sponsor and Payment Partner

Who are Sporting Pay?

Sporting Pay Ltd provide merchant services and epos solutions to sporting clubs and local businesses across the UK.

What does Chris do?

Chris Norminton is the Managing Director of Sporting Pay and Chris manages the relationship between Sporting Pay and the Club, supplying the club with all payment solutions.

What is Chris’ best moment so far?

“Everything about working with the Club has been a pleasure and very easy from the start.”

Finally, who is Chris’ favourite player?

“My favourite player at the moment is Lawrence Vigouroux.”

Fore more information on what Sporting Pay do, visit their website at

Papa John’s – Official Pizza Supplier of the EnergyMind Third Dugout

Who are Papa John’s? 

Papa John’s are one of the nation’s and the world’s most popular Pizza takeaway franchises. Papa John’s has operated in the United Kingdom since 2001 and in July 2015, the company had 300 shops in the UK.

What does Giles Codd do?

Giles Codd is the Marketing Director for Papa John’s. Giles manages our partnership, where Papa John’s ensure that a select few lucky fans’ half-time experience is taken from great, to the extraordinary as they deliver piping hot pizza to the EnergyMind Third Dugout.

What do Papa John’s most enjoy about being associated with the club?

Papa John’s believe Leyton Orient is a club of the people and feels secured to its roots and the people that come with it.

What is Giles best moment so far?

“Outside of experiencing the EnergyMind Third Dugout myself, my favourite moment was the tweet of our driver going viral and being seen by over 1.2 million people.”

Finally, who is Giles favourite player?

“Ruel Sotiriou, he has a fantastic conversion rate.”

To order some delicious pizza of your own, visit Papa John’s website at

EnergyMind – Third Dugout Naming Rights Partner

Who are EnergyMind?

Mark Knights started a mental well-being at work campaign across the Energy Industry in 2019 called EnergyMind.  They are in the process of engaging with people across the energy sector to raise awareness and to see how they can improve well-being at work across an industry of around 600,000 people.  The intention is for EnergyMind to become a registered charity in 2020 and to deliver specific types of support to employees and employers.

What does Mark do?

Mark’s role as founder of the campaign (and soon to be charity) is to build a brand and campaign which reaches an energy sector audience as wide as possible, and so he is using his association with the club to help do that.  In 2019, Mark and the Josh threw lots of ideas around to see how we could find the right partnership and the third dugout sponsorship really appealed.  A place to take friends or colleagues and share a pizza and a chat with some football was spot on.  Mark also uses the 1881 suite quite often to bring networks of people together.  He also treats his guests to photos with players, going on the pitch before the start of the game, and taking a signed shirt or match ball home to their kids.

What do EnergyMind most enjoy about being associated with the club?

Mark has been so impressed with the new leadership team at LOFC.  He often talks about how their vision and values compare to other football clubs. Mark went on to say that Kent Teague spoke to the group of sponsors last year, and set out his vision; “He wants everyone associated with the club, to be proud to be associated with the club – from the players, fans, sponsor etc”. Mark really feels everything about his relationship with the commercial team at LOFC lives up to that vision.

What is Mark’s best moment so far?

“First time in the dugout and when Orient were promoted – I was on the pitch pretty quickly that afternoon…  and perhaps also the fact that the EnergyMind third dugout has received so much attention.  From BT Sport to articles on social media which also made it to the Sun and Standard online. It has really captured a lot of attention. EnergyMind’s network has grown from 50 to 5,000 in the space of 6 months.  Incredible!”

Finally, who is Mark’s favourite player?

“Alan Comfort was always my favourite growing up, and Dean Cox will always be a hero for me. From the current squad, Connor Wilkinson or James Brophy are the game changers for me!”

For more information about Mark and EnergyMind, visit their website at

PayByPhone – Social Media Partner

Who are PayByPhone?

Anthony Cashel is the Marketing Director for PayByPhone here in the UK.  PayByPhone is one of the fastest growing mobile payments companies in the UK, offering cashless parking technology to help drivers find and pay for parking easily via their smartphone.

What does Anthony do?

As PayByPhone’s Marketing Director, Anthony is responsible for aligning their business with local or national organisations that have a similar ethos to their own. Anthony is also a very passionate football supporter so this partnership feels like a perfect fit and is very exciting from a PayByPhone point of view. PayByPhone’s service can also be useful for supporters. By downloading the PayByPhone app before leaving home, supporters are able to identify parking areas near the ground easily. With no need for cash, they can pay for their parking in under 10 seconds, and if the match runs into extra time, they can extend their stay from their phones without missing a minute of the action.

What are the best aspects of being a partner with Leyton Orient Football Club?

“The footballing community in Waltham Forest is enthusiastic and passionate about local community projects and we want to play our part in getting involved with those projects as well. This partnership with Leyton Orient will certainly contribute to that!”

Visit PayByPhone’s website at for more information about the company.