All you need to know about #UltimateQuaranTeam

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As we prepare to kick start the competition this weekend, familiarise yourself with the tournament schedule and rules!

128 teams from around the world discovered who they would face in the opening round of the Cup, following Wednesday night’s live draw. Still don’t know who your team are facing? Click here!


The tournament will kick start this Sunday at 7pm, giving clubs until the day before the planned date of the round of 64 to complete their opening match.

  • Round of 128 – To be played from Sunday 22nd March – 7pm
  • Round of 64 – To be played from Tuesday 24th March – 7pm
  • Round of 32 – To be played from Thursday 26th March – 7pm
  • Round of 16- To be played from Saturday 28th March – 7pm
  • Quarter-finals – To be played from Monday 30th March -7pm
  • Semi-Final – To be played from Wednesday 1st April -7pm
  • Final – To be played from Friday 3rd April – 7pm

*Both teams involved in each individual fixture will liaise with each other to agree on a time to play. Individual clubs will then promote and stream their own games on their own channels.*


  • ’85 mode.’
  • Six minutes per half
  • Each player will play as their own team.
  • Head to head friendlies NOT ULTIMATE TEAM


Console? PS4

Can we watch? Yes, Orient will be streaming games via Twitch – all other teams have been advised to use the same platform, however they’re welcome to use another.

Who is playing for Leyton Orient? Goalkeeper and academy graduate, Sam Sargeant.

Can clubs change their competitor? No, we’d like teams to use the same player throughout the tournament, unless a valid reason can be given.

Can eSports/professional FIFA players compete? All entrants have been encouraged to use either a first team squad player, a member of staff or a fan. Ultimately, it is up to each individual club to pick their player!


Please visit our Just Giving page to donate.

We are thankful to everyone who has already been so kind during this difficult period. Your money will help to raise vital funding for EFL clubs who are going to have massive financial struggles (as of course will many industries across the world) during this time of fixture postponement. With no match day income for the foreseeable future football clubs are struggling and things will only get worse.

If this cause can play a small way for clubs going during an unprecedented time, then it would be an amazing force for good. 75% of money raised will be given to the EFL within 28 days.

Secondly, the remaining 25% will be split between for two very worthy causes. One is the EFL’s chosen charity ‘MIND’ (219830), and secondly in funding the all-important COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fundraiser by WHO.


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