Second First-Team Player Tests Positive For Covid-19

access_time 1 year ago
The Club can confirm that a second Leyton Orient first team player has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus today.
Following on from Sunday’s news that a first-team player had tested positive for the virus, communication with players and staff has been the club’s priority.
Upon confirmation that a player was showing symptoms of Covid-19, a test was taken to determine the status of said player.
The players and staff have continued to follow government guidance throughout the process, and a self-isolation period has been observed from all who had been in contact.
The player in question is only showing mild symptoms of the virus and is on the road to recovery, however will continue to follow government guidelines and self-isolate.
The Club would like to ask supporters to continue to follow government advice on Covid-19, and do your bit to help stop the spread of the virus.
You can read the latest advice online at