Front of Shirt Partner 2020/21 - External Exposure

access_time 1 year ago

Becoming our Front of Shirt Partner opens up a far wider audience, thanks to the EFL we now have a better understanding of just how far your brand will go.

Exposure for Front of Shirt Partner so far during the 2019/20 season:

  • Dedicated TV Coverage: 12,900,000 views
  • TV News Coverage: 12,200,000 views
  • Printed press: 41 articles with a potential readership of 2,500,000 views
  • Online Press: 249 articles with a potential readership of 12,100,000 views
  • Social Media exposure: 39,100,000 impressions and 1,600,000 engagements

78,800,000 potential views and engagements is a lot for your business/ brand, what may surprise you is how cost effective out Front of Shirt Partner package is.

For more information, or to make an enquiry, please email Josh Stephens, Head of Commercial at [email protected].