Can’t Sleep Out? Sleep In for children with cancer instead!

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Sadly, our Sleep Out with World Child Cancer at the Breyer Group Stadium has been cancelled due to the current situation with Covid-19.

However, that doesn’t have to stop you from organising your own ‘virtual sleep in’!

Sleep In for World Child Cancer on any evening between 10th April and the 10th May and raise money for children with cancer around the world! Find out how you can get involved below or sign up for free now.

Where can I do my Sleep In?

Sleep In anywhere in your house that isn’t your bed! If it’s sunny and you have a garden you could camp out in it!

Find a tent and turn your garden into a campsite Set up beds in your living room and get your whole family to sleep in one room. Build a fort to sleep in, be creative! Sleep anywhere that isn’t your bed to support children with cancer!

Why a Virtual Sleep In?

In some of the countries where World Child Cancer works, families have to travel for hours – sometimes more than a day – to reach hospital. They will have to find money to fund the journey, medication and food to keep their child as strong and healthy as possible during treatment. In cases where parents can’t afford shelter they are forced to sleep wherever they can – sharing their child’s hospital bed, in the corridor or even in the car park.

Now it is more important than ever that parents don’t sleep outside or with their child due to the potential risk of Coronavirus.

These parents have received some of the worst news they will ever receive – their child has cancer – and now they’re sleeping outside for days and weeks on end. We can’t imagine what this must feel like, but we have organised the Virtual Sleep In to raise awareness of families who find themselves in this position and to raise funds to support children with cancer around the world.

How can I get involved?

It is FREE to sign up, and we encourage you to raise what you can for children with cancer.

Why not set yourself a challenge of sleeping somewhere a bit more uncomfortable depending on which target you reach! Raise £50 sleep on the floor, £100 sleep in the bath, £150 sleep on the stairs!

OR Share a picture of you taking part in the #wccsleepin, tag your friends to do the same, and donate £5 to your own page!

Sign Up

Got a question? Email Alice from World Child Cancer.