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A note from the Chairman

access_time 1 year ago

Following on from today’s ‘#TuesdayBlackout’, Chairman Nigel Travis has written a short note to supporters.

The last three months of the pandemic has, undoubtedly, made life very difficult for the whole world.

However, during this time, I have seen people come together and reach out to support each other regardless of their background colour or creed.

I have seen tolerance, empathy, support and tremendous touches of kindness.

It is very distressing to live in America to see what is happening right now and I want to make it very clear that at Leyton Orient Football Club every person will always be treated equally no matter their background, and I feel we have demonstrated this very clearly during our period of ownership of the club.

This is a responsibility we take very seriously and as I said earlier in the season, any kind of discrimination on our premises will result in a lifetime ban.

As we recover from COVID-19 let’s all continue working together in a spirit that encourages a full and healthy recovery and respect for all people.

Thank you,