An Open Statement From Jobi McAnuff

access_time 2 years ago

For those of us who have been subjected to racism, whether that’s a specific incident in out lives, or the systematic and institutional racism that we face in workplaces and social setting every day, this past week has been deeply upsetting and has led to a lot of negative feeling and emotions for myself and so many others.

The fact that it has taken the murder of George Floyd in such horrific circumstances to highlight some of these issues both here and in the US is so sad and incredibly depressing.

The impact that racism has on those who have to go through it is impossible to understand unless you have experienced it.

From being pulled over and questioned by the police and having to justify why you are in a certain area or in a certain car, being turned away from a bar or club because “we don’t want any trouble tonight”, being followed around a shop by a security guard who thinks you are going to steal something.

These are just a few of the things I’ve experienced in my day-to-day life, these things, and a lot worse, happen to countless others up and down the country every single day.

The lack of opportunities that are clear in a lot of industries throughout our country, including my own, show there are huge challenges and a lot of work to be done.

These experiences leave you feeling inferior, angry, frustrated and resentful and can make you lose faith and hope.

I am though, someone who chooses to live in hope. A hope that one day we will overcome this, the reaction to recent events show that we are tired of waiting for things to change – we want it now!

It will take action, it will take dialogue, but most importantly it will take people from every background coming together and showing unity.

I’ve been encouraged by the amount of people who have come out in support of George Floyd and the fight against racism. I have been fortunate to come across plenty of people in my life who have helped me and those around me regardless of their colour or mine.

I genuinely believe the majority of people do want to help, be educated and to be a part of the solution.

All I ask is that this isn’t just a trend or something we do for a day, a week or a year, it’s something we all need to commit to for life.

To support each other, call it out when we see it, hear it or experience it, even if it’s not you that it happens to directly, and try to do our part in turning the tide and making some real changes now and for the generations to come.

Keep positive, and remain together.


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