Walsingham Motor Insurance Ltd Commit To Sponsor Justin Edinburgh Stand

access_time 1 year ago

Following an enormously emotional day yesterday the club are pleased to confirm our Justin Edinburgh Stand sponsor, Walsingham Motor Insurance Limited, have committed to the club and Justin’s legacy.

Josh Stephens, Head of Commercial said, “We were thrilled when Walsingham Motor Insurance Limited came on to sponsor the iconic Justin Edinburgh Stand, midway through this season.

“Their gesture not to add their branding on the stand in respect of Justin for the duration of their agreement is a real credit to them. They have been a tremendous supporter to the club, and I know have been working hard to generate some fund-raising for the JE3 Foundation.”

“Their confirmation to commit to the club further couldn’t come at a better time, as we commemorated the great life of Justin Edinburgh yesterday.”

Garry Watson, CEO at Walsingham Motor Insurance Limited said, “One year on from the tragic passing of Justin Edinburgh, Walsingham Motor Insurance Limited are proud to announce their continued support and partnership with the club, JE3 and the Justin Edinburgh Stand.

Although for now the doors at the Breyer Group Stadium must remain closed, we confirm our commitment to this great club and this legacy to Justin.

“We believe that there are some truly exciting times ahead and look forward to football returning when safe for all of the O’s players, staff and fellow fans.”

To find out more about Walsingham Motor Insurance Limited, you can visit their website here.