O's Assist ABC Dreams in Africa

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Towards the end of 2019, the Club heard of a fantastic project happening in Africa involving ex-O’s legend Nigel Gray

Friends and associates of his were travelling there to raise funds for the Lyasikika Wash Project in Moshi, Tanzania and due to leave in February 2020. 

Still a fervent O’s fan, the request was for some old football kits that the children involved in the project could wear due to their lack of resources and of course, the added distinction of extending the Orient family! 

Kits worn by the young Leyton Orient Academy personnel are owned by the players, but the Club were very happy to donate the last few remaining unsold t-shirts celebrating our FA Trophy Final appearance at Wembley last May and so these were collected by Nigel and sent on their way to Africa via two of the Morden Little League’s (MLL)  young managers, Conor Fanning and Joe Butcher.

Along with Andy Butcher (PACO) on behalf of ABCD (UK) and the current President of the Rotary Club of Morden, John de Ronde, they arrived in Tanzania to continue this particular building project that commenced in March 2019 and Morden Little League hope to see the project through to completion. 

Andy Butcher explains more: “ABCD (UK) (Art Building Children’s Dreams), was created by John de Ronde in 2013 was set up as a small charity to help orphans and vulnerable children in one small village in Northern Tanzania to succeed at school and achieve their dreams. 

His vision in the village is to set up a fund for the orphans, to help children from the very poorest families go to school by paying supplementary school fees, supplying books and uniforms and even food if necessary through a subsidised school lunch programme.

He would also like to provide a post-primary training facility for them so they might learn a trade. 

The aim is to replicate the ABCD projects as far and as wide as possible, so that more and more children around the world can afford the education that could provide the key to their future – and the future of their families and communities.

Lyasikika Sec is a ward secondary school neat Moshi, Tanzania and is within stepping distance of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Lyasikika WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Project has 2 stages. Stage 1 is the completion of the student hand-wash facility which is functioning but needs finishing touches.

Stage 2 involves the replacement of a toilet block which has collapsed after heavy rains with the costs hopefully to be supported by two Rotary clubs in the UK.  

Andy continued, “We are looking to follow up and continue the project in a year or two but need to raise more funds now as we have returned to the UK from our amazing trip, we are already dreaming of a return in the future and plan the next project. £5000 is needed to help rebuild the toilet block (see pictures) that collapsed late last year and currently they are forced to use the facilities in the video.

It is not their only facility, but they are forced to use it due to the large number of current pupils (over 400). Also, around £3000 is needed to finish the building of the girls’ dormitory so the school can then receive and host ‘live in’ students.  

To view more than 80 photos and read up on this amazing project, check out the Morden Little League in Africa 2020 page on Facebook and more details can be found at: www.abcdreams.org.uk